Riga Office: 

Jeruzalemes str. 5 - 9 Rīga, Latvia +371 27800826 info@promise.lv

Tallinn Office:

Pärnu str. 130 Tallinn, Estonia +372 51 07 387 info@promise.ee  

Vilnius Office:

Lvovo 105 A Vilnius, Lithuania info@promise.lt   

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Icons: 3×2 vert svg
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Take your solution to cloud

Cloud adoption has laid the foundations for next phase of higher value for IT services. APN Promise has proven track record of helping partners to transform their solutions to cloud or hybrid-cloud solutions. Ensure your business for tomorrow!

Solutions HUB

Take your solution to other markets in Baltics and Poland. APN Promise is happy to ensure best local partners for you in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. Explore new solutions from other countries to add to your portfolio!

Licensing and technical support

APN Promise has qualification and competencies to ensure best licensing advise and technical support for you to be successful with your customers. Webinars is the easiest way to share knowledge and learn more. 

What can we do for you

APN Promise priority is long-term trusted business relationship with vendors, partners and customers. APN Promise focuses on capabilities of solutions. APN Promise is providing: core infrastructure solutions, IT management services, business productivity and Data Centre  solutions. We are happy to build the best offering for your business.


We offer solutions based on software and hardware from the world’s top developers and producers, as well as our own services. We favour functionality, user-friendliness and adaptability of solutions designed to meet the specific needs of our clients and markets they operate in. We focus on the long-term optimisation capabilities of solutions offered.